PICOPlus Laser

PICOPlus Laser

Lutronic’s PicoPlus Pico laser is a Picosecond Laser, which is more effective and safer than traditional lasers. A Pico laser has a higher photo-acoustic effect (more energy) which means that a picosecond laser shatters pigmentation into smaller fragments which are easily removed by the body’s immune system. From standard service treatments such as Rosacea, Melasma, pigmentation and tattoo removal to those hard-to-treat cases that are stagnating, the PicoPlus' technology has the versatility and power to provide the results your customers want.

The Difference between PicoPlus and Traditional Lasers

PicoPlus delivers laser in picosecond duration which is 1000 times shorter than traditional lasers in nanosecond duration. Due to the ultra-short pulse duration and high power of the Pico Laser, it breaks down pigmentation into a much smaller fragments compared to a Q-Switched Laser.

Number of Picosecond wavelengths

More wavelengths mean more types of pigmentation that can be treated.

Pico Plus has 4 Picosecond wavelengths. Discovery pico has 3 wavelengths. PicoSure has 2 wavelengths.

Faster, better results than traditional lasers – Using the flexible PicoPlus laser system, doctor is able to customize your laser resurfacing treatment to quickly and effectively improve the look of your skin. The picosecond pulse coming from PicoPlus does more than just protect the surrounding tissue from thermal damage, it provides greater targeting and power to break up pigment into easier forms for the body to process.

Traditional Laser Nano vs Pico


After PicoPlus laser, your skin is slightly red, however with a special soothing balm, this redness disappears within 2-3 hours. You can return to work or daily activities immediately after the laser.

A small portion of patients can experience a pinkish flush or mild itchiness after the laser, which goes away within a few hours.


Customer Reviews

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Depending on condition and the type of pigmentation, number of treatments can vary. A few factors influence the outcome of the treatment; nature of pigmentation, skin type, skin health, hormones and sun exposure etc.

On average, about 4 – 6 treatments will be required for best results.

Does PicoPlus treatment hurt?

The majority of patients report almost no pain, only experience a slight warming of their skin and a light prickling feeling. The laser feels like tiny warm pricks on the skin.

Are results permanent?

Most pigmentation, like tattoos, will not return after removal. However, due to sun exposure, aging and hormonal changes (mostly in women), new pigmentation can develop. Certain pigmentation conditions such as melasma tend to recur and require long term management.


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