Luminous Peel

Chemical peel involves the application of low pH solution (acidic) on the skin surface, causing the skin exfoliate intensively. The process removes many flaws on the skin surface and reveals young layer of skin that is smoother, and less wrinkled. There are many available acidic solution in the industry, and the choice very much lies with the doctor, and the objective of the peel.

Under CMF, the consideration of a peel treatment is to allow patients to see considerable results with no or little down time, and minimal discomfort (pain).

The process: A typical peel treatment is completed within half an hour so it can be classified as lunch time process. Sun protection and adequate hydration is mandatory during the program. The frequency of treatment can be between 10 to 21 days depending on skin problem.  Within next few days, the skin feels tight, and physical skin peel may appear in micro level and not visible.


  • Whitening: Targets pigmentary problems from various causes e.g. pregnancy, sun exposure, aging, acne.
  • Acne: Highly recommended to skin congested with blackheads... Lightens acne marks and reduces lines.
  • Wrinkle: Helps with photo aged skin and hyperpigmentation.
  • Pigmentation: Recommended for skins with acne, with thick build up of dead skin cells

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