I am thirsty! This is what my dry and dehydrated skin is telling me. I feel some tightness on my cheeks, dry line below my eyes and skin dullness. How about you? Do you have the same skin condition as mine? There are many reasons our skin become dehydrated perhaps due to aging, weather, sun exposure, stress, pollutions, lifestyles, smoking or could be the skincare or make-up that we use. So what can I do?

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Hello my dearies =D I missed you all! Missed me? =P How has 2015 been for you all? I trust that it has been good. Still a few more months left, lets set the tone for the rest of this awesome 2015!



Aesthetic treatments is fast gaining popularity, particularly among the younger clan. This is not my first time attempting aesthetic treatments. You can read about my previous write-ups here. I have a feeling that in years to come, these beauty treatments may well be packaged together with conventional facials. Though for the time being, the hefty price tag would probably hold back many interested parties

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So recently I did something to my face. Whaaaaaaat? READ and you will know. I am always very very very grateful that my skin condition is quite great. Thanks mom and dad <3 But I do have some minor issue with dull skin, and mini oil bumps around my cheek & nose area.

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I think all girls have same common problem! Dehydration the biggest problem of my skin, it caused me Enlarged Pores, Discoloration, Dullness and Acne! Why my skin will Dehydration? As a person age, our skin tends to lose hyaluronic acid due to sun exposure and also aging factor. Hydra Quench is actually putting Hyaluronic Acid in your skin in order to repair and increase the skin cells. All of these is the main reason to cause Dehydration! I never knew these reasons can cause our skin so serious, hence today I going to share my experience after I went to did Hydra Quench Treatment.

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Hyaluronic acid is getting lots of attention in the market nowadays. You can find it in skincare products and injectable fillers, and although it occurs naturally in your skin, level of this vital skin component decline with age.Hyaluronic acid plays a key role in the skin’s extracellular matrix and has been shown to maintain hydration, improve elasticity and protect against free radical damage. In the skin, hyaluronic acid is responsible for capturing water, in turn maintaining the smoothness and plumpness of the skin. When hyaluronic acid is depleted, skin can become dehydrated and lose elasticity, which accentuates lines and furrows.

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Dehydration happens. Especially people with dry skin like me, it's easier to spot fine lines, dryness and dullness thanks to stress, sun exposure and even from the constant makeup application. All these will ultimately lead you looking older than your actual age. Of course, nobody wants this.



I just went to Hydra Quench treatment a month ago and I learn a lot of new things from the doctor at Clinic MF…. Now, do you know what is the difference between aesthetic treatment and plastic surgery? The term “plastic” in plastic surgery is derived from the Greek word “plastikos,” which means to mold or shape. Plastic surgery involves the restoration of almost any body part that is abnormal due to a trauma/accident, cancer or birth defect while aesthetic surgery, (sometimes referred to as cosmetic surgery), is.enhancement of the body or re-construction of normal tissue to improve appearance.

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Holla! Today I’m gonna share with you a treatment that I’ve did earlier with Clinic MF, all thanks to Nuffnang for inviting! Hmm if you don’t already know, I used to have really bad break outs 3 years back due to my sudden hormones change but thankfully my skin is better right now already. Ever since then, I’ve always take precautions on my skin and constantly looking out for new ways to maintain a radiant and moist skin!

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How well do you know your skin? I personally think I know my skin well enough till I went for a consultation with the doctor at Clinic MF last week, too my dismay I found out about my current skin condition despite it looking normal and decent for someone my age. Anyway my is somewhat considered “normal” as I have a balance of large & small pores, pimples (sometimes occasional acne too) but overall nothing something I would complain about, in fact I am BLESSED lol.